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Omni is defined as "Of All Things" or "Universal" which is exactly what this target is! Being shooters ourselves, we realized over the years that we were swapping between several paper target designs to achieve our specific training objectives. This became frustrating, expensive, and honestly quite time-consuming. We often discussed creating our own target that was more than just a one-trick pony by incorporating multiple shooting options on one piece of paper. 


We took bits and pieces from the competitive shooting world and merged them with the needs of both Military and Law Enforcement training to achieve the result that is now known as the Omni Target by Triple Feed. The cornerstones of the Omni Target are its humanoid silhouette and strategically laid out sectors. The life-like humanoid silhouette allows for the shooter to keep their cognitive brain function accustomed to a threat that is of human shape and size while at the same time adding very specific shooting points to hone in on precision accuracy. While its strategically laid out sectors result in the possibility of multiple drills and much longer shooting sessions before a clean target is required saving both time and money. 


The overall design of the Omni Target allows for dozens of drills and shooting sequences to be possible for both handgun and carbine applications making it desirable for any shooter in the market for a new go-to target.

23" x 35" - 50# Offset White Paper


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