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Allow us to introduce the first of four Luchador limited edition t-shirt designs. 


*** El Santo de Muerte "The Saint of Death" *** 


Wielding the Browning M1917 .30 caliber belt-fed, a mask made from the flesh of his enemies, a double XL nut cup, and knee pads worn by an actual Navy Seal! Be careful wearing this shirt in public, it has 100 times the effect of axe body spray... you have been warned.


- Constructed with Tri-blend comfort that feels fucking amazing

- Tagless logo stamp on the inside of the neck

- Suede OG logo tab sewn on the bottom right hem with shirt number on the back

- A hidden mask on the inside for those late-night shenanigans


Limited Edition Package includes:

1x Numbered T-Shirt

1x Old School Retro Button

2x Full Body Slaps

2x Mask Slaps


With only 100 total shirts split between sizes S through XL buy now before your size is sold out!


DISCLAIMER: No Chinchillas were harmed in the making of these designs.

El Santo De Muerte

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